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How to Reach our Farm

Our address is 76 The Pack Track, Gembrook. This is listed in all editions of Melway, . The map number depends on the Melway edition - 189, 312 or 299. We have no longer have signs on the road from Gembrook to our property which is about 4km from Gembrook. However, the latest editions of Melway show our farm location. Gembrook is about one hour’s drive from Melbourne, less from the eastern suburbs.

The most direct routes to Gembrook are North Road or Toorak Road, both of which with a couple of name changes en route actually end up at Gembrook [follow signs to Gembrook when you get into the hills].

The fastest route from the city and western suburbs is to take City Link and the south eastern [Monash] freeway and exit at Wellington Road [the old AFL Waverley Park exit]. Wellington road, which is the continuation of North Road, is the direct route to Gembrook - just follow signs. A bit further but quicker is to continue on the freeway and take the Gembrook turnoff just before Pakenham. Please note that the Pakenham bypass is now open. Either take the Officer exit or the Cardinia exit. If you take the Officer exit, the route is identical to the route before the bypass was open. Taking the Cardinia exit avoids Officer and two or three sets of traffic lights, but will not be much quicker unless the traffic through Officer is heavy.

Click on the map below for a larger image. The map does not show the Pakenham bypass