Gembrook Fruits 2018-2019 season

Updated  8.15 pm Thursday 17th January 2019


The cloud remained at Gembrook for nearly the whole day and despite the humidity picking conditions were comparatively pleasant. For once our highest temperature [28C] was less than Melbourne [33C].


NORTHLAND PLANTINGS     Plenty of ripe fruit in both Northland blocks. Although some bushes at ends of rows close to the gate have been heavily picked, other bushes still have about half their original crop still to be  picked. Excellent quality fruit picked on Thursday.

OLD VARIETY BLOCK -unpruned section     These bushes have a very large crop but many have managed to ripen a significant amount of fruit. We did  not expect to pick blueberries from this section this year but most varieties have easily accessible fruit at the ends of the rows and in the open areas. Customers who do not wish to pick Northland will have no difficulty picking from the old block, even though the centre of the rows are probably too dense for picking.

Can we remind customers that it pays to arrive early, at, or soon after opening on sunny days so that you can benefit from pleasant picking conditions. Gembrook starts off being cooler than most Melbourne suburbs, but later in the day the temperature can be three or four degrees above Melbourne.


Please check this page before you come to ensure we are open.


FRIDAY 18th        OPEN   9am – 5 pm      Last entry to farm is 3pm


SUNDAY 20th        OPEN

Next update: Friday evening 18th January


YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. We do not have any card facilities for payment.


Kay & Graeme


Blueberry season 2018-2019

Our season for 2018-2019 is very late, but we hope to start just before Christmas. However, the weather forecast for the days leading up to Christmas Day is not looking too good. All registered customers for whom we have current e-mail addresses will receive an invitation at the start of the season. This website will be updated every few days until we start.

Please note: Only currently registered customers may pick fruit at our farm.


Kay & Graeme