Gembrook Fruits 2020-2021 season

Updated   4.45pm Sunday 29 November 2020


 The Covid-19 lock down in Melbourne posed serious considerations for us. If we pruned our blueberries and otherwise prepared for the harvest and the lock down was not lifted, it would have meant months of work and expense which we would not be recompensed for.

We decided to chance the lock down ending and have pruned and fully prepared our Northland plantings for harvest. The wet winter has completely replenished the soil moisture which was lacking last season and the bushes are looking in great condition and carrying a good crop. Due to the high cost we did not put any bee hives into the blocks, but the local bee population and the native bees have done a good job and fruit set was near normal.

Our old planting has not been prepared for harvest, save for some mowing and at this stage we are not offering any assurances that we will be able to harvest any fruit off this block. Nevertheless, we believe the good crop of Northland will be sufficient to meet requirements.

Unless there is a backward change in the situation, we should be able meet all the requirements for safe picking re Covid-19.  We will have to record every visit and the times of arrival and departure which will mean that you cannot just check in on your first visit. We are putting in place enhanced arrangements for hand washing  etc, but we expect that masks will only be required at check in and check out.

Opening will hopefully be well before Christmas this year.

Kay & Graeme

Next update Sunday 6th December



YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. We do not have any card facilities for payment.

Kay & Graeme

Blueberry season 2018-2019

Our season for 2018-2019 is very late, but we hope to start just before Christmas. However, the weather forecast for the days leading up to Christmas Day is not looking too good. All registered customers for whom we have current e-mail addresses will receive an invitation at the start of the season. This website will be updated every few days until we start.

Please note: Only currently registered customers may pick fruit at our farm.


Kay & Graeme