Gembrook Fruits 2022-2023season

Due to the amount of work involved and our advancing age we advised our customers by email during last year that we would not be continuing with our pick-your-own business. We regret that some customers did not get this mail as Mailchimp changed the number of free emails we were allowed, and  without informing us, took a large number of addresses off their platform.


As our plants have not been managed for fruit production this season, much of the fruit on the bushes is not ripening, or is very small. We had hoped to give our customers who had not found another blueberry grower, and who were prepared to sort through the crop a chance to make one last visit. However, we have reached the stage where we find it impossible to open, even on the odd day.  Three days ago a flock of crows  got into our crop though holes in the nets caused by kangaroos and Samba deer, and it is physically impossible for us to get them out and repair the nets as this would take several days.

We really should have retired gracefully five years ago, and it has only been the support of our long-time customers that we have lasted so long.

Please note: Our telephone is now working. The Telstra line to our property runs along a narrow and winding road though the Bunyip State forest, criss-crossing from one side of the road to the other. Unfortunately a large truck with a tall load caught a low hanging part of the line and severed  the connection to all the customers on the line. Repair was completed on Tuesday 10 at 4pm, a record for Telstra.


Graeme & Kay



Blueberry season 2018-2019

Our season for 2018-2019 is very late, but we hope to start just before Christmas. However, the weather forecast for the days leading up to Christmas Day is not looking too good. All registered customers for whom we have current e-mail addresses will receive an invitation at the start of the season. This website will be updated every few days until we start.

Please note: Only currently registered customers may pick fruit at our farm.


Kay & Graeme