Blueberry season 2017-2018

Our season for 2017-2018 has finished and the farm will be closed until December.

Our blueberry crop was one of the best we have had, and certainly this season was the biggest yield. Unfortunately the weather made it very difficult for our customers in that many of the weekends were quite hot, or if not hot, affected by drizzling rain after a hot mid week.

We ended up with significantly more fruit on the bushes than last year, and due to this heavy crop there was more fruit left than we would have liked when we closed. The rapid ripening of the bulk of our blueberries combined with fewer good picking days meant that by the end of January, some of the fruit in our old block had started to soften, making the picking of good quality fruit difficult and reluctantly we have had to close before it was all picked.

On the other hand our Northland variety, especially our two newer blocks was good all through the season and produced some of the best flavoured and sweetest blueberries we have produced.

We thank all our customers who came this season and especially those who made several trips. Your support makes our efforts worthwhile, and we thank you also for your good company. We have enjoyed chatting to you and hearing the goings on in your families.

With advancing age we now have to assess whether we will be able to continue to manage the long hours to produce another crop, especially the approximately three months of pruning during the winter. However, with luck we will be able to see each other in the blueberries for yet another season later this year.

We wish you all the best for the rest of 2018 and especially hope you have a healthy year.


Kay & Graeme