Gembrook Fruits 2019-2020 season

Updated   5.30pm FRIDAY 15th February 2020



SUNDAY  16th February      OPEN               9am – 5pm, last entry to farm is 3pm

A note about the weather on Sunday.      Today Saturday, there has been drizzle for most of the day and the blueberries at opening time tomorrow are likely to still be wet, but as rain is not really forecast for Sunday, we are hoping that the fruit will be dry by late morning. You can have up-to-date information on the situation at the farm by checking our twitter feed from 7am tomorrow. Simply go to   You will go straight to our latest tweet giving information about the weather. Ignore any login details at the top of the page and scroll down to our latest tweet.


We still have very good quality blueberries in both our Northland blocks, and the Caroline and Northland varieties in our old original block, but traces of the red dust persist. The other varieties in our old block have either finished or in our opinion have too many over-ripe berries to make it worthwhile to pick. Of course, customers can pick anywhere they wish.



YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. We do not have any card facilities for payment.

Kay & Graeme

One thought on “Gembrook Fruits 2019-2020 season

  1. Lillian Sum/Orlando Ooi says:

    Hi Graeme and Kay, just want to ask whether we can bring 6 of our friends (3 from Sydney and 1 from US) tomorrow, Saturday 29 Dec 2018, to pick blueberries. It will be just one off occasion and our friends have not experienced blueberry picking. Would appreciate if they be allowed to come with us. Thank you.

    Lillian and Orlando.


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