Gembrook Fruits 2021-2022 season

Our blueberry season has come to an end and the farm is now closed until next season which should start during December.

We thank all our customers who came and picked fruit this season, and despite the unusually hot weather during January, and the rather short season, we were pleased to offer our customers some excellent picking with the warm weather ensuring that the blueberries were flavoursome with good sugar levels.

Covid-19 has made life difficult for all of us. Our requirement for our customers to be fully vaccinated upset some who have not been vaccinated, and pleased many others.

With thank everyone for their good spirits and it was good to catch up with everyone yet again. If it was not for the interaction with our customers we would have retired years ago.

We wish everyone a healthy and happy rest of 2022


Graeme & Kay


One thought on “Gembrook Fruits 2021-2022 season

  1. Lillian Sum/Orlando Ooi says:

    Hi Graeme and Kay, just want to ask whether we can bring 6 of our friends (3 from Sydney and 1 from US) tomorrow, Saturday 29 Dec 2018, to pick blueberries. It will be just one off occasion and our friends have not experienced blueberry picking. Would appreciate if they be allowed to come with us. Thank you.

    Lillian and Orlando.


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