Gembrook Fruits 2020-2021 season

Updated   8.30pm Sunday 17th January 2021


A large quantity of blueberries was picked today in our old variety block, but significant pickings were also made in our two Northland blocks. Although most of the berries in our old block are ripe, the moderate temperatures over the coming days means that the quality of this fruit will be maintained for the next week at least and we hope for the following week also. There are some bushes in our old block that have unripe fruit at the moment which will help us maintain some supply until the end of January, but we will update the situation next weekend. Fruit ripe on our Northland and Caroline varieties now, will maintain their quality and increase their sweetness for the next couple of weeks.

Overall we hope and expect to have fruit for picking until the end of January.

The farm is closed on Monday 18th, Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th. We re-open on Thursday 21st.


We take the precautions recommended and mandated by the Chief Health Officer seriously and we expect our customers  to do so also. Those who do not will be required to leave the farm. Although the risk may be slight on the farm, we have customers from all sorts of work places, and who travel both interstate and overseas for their work and we wish to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you have not already done so, please check email number 4 sent on the 22nd December. Essential points of the email are-:

Absolutely no unregistered persons permitted on the property:

Strict observance of Covid-19 social distancing:

Absolute requirement for correct contact details before arrival at the farm and no provision for corrections on arrival:


Kay & Graeme

Next update on or before Wednesday 20th January 2021



YOU MUST BRING YOUR OWN CONTAINERS. We do not have any card facilities for payment.


One thought on “Gembrook Fruits 2020-2021 season

  1. Lillian Sum/Orlando Ooi says:

    Hi Graeme and Kay, just want to ask whether we can bring 6 of our friends (3 from Sydney and 1 from US) tomorrow, Saturday 29 Dec 2018, to pick blueberries. It will be just one off occasion and our friends have not experienced blueberry picking. Would appreciate if they be allowed to come with us. Thank you.

    Lillian and Orlando.


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